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About us

DUA TOURIST part of DUA GROUP, founded at the beginning of 2013 as a private travel agency, resulted one of the most respected & leading travel agencies in Kosovo.  We are dedicated to providing our clients the best value & most enjoyable tours possible.

We have a great number of guests who have chosen our agency, thanks to professional services, to spend their vocations & discover the beauties of different countries in the world , a special place takes our country , Kosovo and Albania

DUA TOURIST offers incoming & outgoing services during all the year . We have the most experienced tour managers in the industry , people who have more experience in tours. They take care of all details so You can relax & enjoy the tour.

Our confidence on the job, our knowledge, expertise & friendliness are some the reasons why people choose to travel with us.
We believe in comfort & pleasure while on tour , so we take great care in selecting hotels that provide our guests the greatest comfort & service

In few words we are here to serve you, to do our best to present our homeland. We are proud to share its wonders with you.

So if you have a plan to travel or need more information on any part of the world , your travel prices price to any destination of the world do not lose time, contact us and we will obey the quality of our services.

Travel with us and enjoy the pleasure of the trip